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Clare’s retablos are original paintings, generally water color on pine, and range in size from 8×10 to 13×23.  Reproductions can be purchased on tin (approx. 4″x7″) or  on pine (approx. 7″x14″)

San AugustinSan Augustín of Hippo

Preeminent Church Theologian from 200-1200 AD;
Patron of Theologians, Brewers and Printers.

Feast day: August 28

Santa Ana

Santa Ana

Patroness of Grandparents, Housewives, Horsewomen, Cabinet Makers.

Feast day: July 26

San Andres

San Andrés

Patron of Fishermen, Sailors, Greece, Russia, Scotland; Invoked against Gout and Neck Problems.

Feast day: November 30

Santa Angela

Santa Angela Merici

Patroness of Teachers; Foundress of the Ursaline
Order, the First Order of Teaching Nuns.

Feast day: January 27

Santa Apolonia

Patroness of Dentists; Invoked against Toothaches.

Feast day: February 9

San Antonio

San Antonio de Padua

Patron of Harvests, the Poor, Spinsters; Invoked against Infertility and by Those Looking for Lost Objects.

Feast day: June 13

San Antonio de Fauci

Patron of those suffering from viral infections
Click here for symbolism and other info.

Feast Day: December 24th
As a Covid-19 fundraiser for the Navajo Nation, the retablo “San Antonio de Fauci” can be purchased on Etsy: NMRetablosByClare

Sta. Barbara

Santa Bárbara

Patroness of Firefighters; Invoked against Fire and Electrical Storms.

Feast day: December 4

Santa Benito

San Benito

Patron of Architects, the Dying, Europe, Farm Workers, Monks, Servants, Spelunkers.

Feast day: July 11

Santa Bernadeta

Santa Bernadeta
con Nuestra Señora de Lordes

Patroness of Shepherdesses

Feast day: April 16

Santa Blandina Segale, SC

Santa Blandina Segale, SC
Sister of Charity, Candidate for Sainthood.

Missionary to the Arizona and New Mexico. Territories in the late 19th century.

Feast day: tbd

Nuestra Señora del Carmen

Nuestra Señora del Carmen
(Our lady of Mt. Carmel)

Patroness of souls in Purgatory.

Feast day: July 18

Santa Catalina de Siena

Santa Catalina de Siena

Patroness of Italy, Philosophy, Nurses, the Dying and Hospice Workers.

Feast day: April 29

Santa CeciliaSanta Cecilia

Patroness of Music, Musicians, Singers, and Composers.

Feast day: November 22

Santa Clara de AsísSanta Clara de Asis

Patroness of Seamstresses, Optometrists, Television; Invoked against Eye Ailments.

Feast day: August 11

La ConquistadoraLa Conquistadora

Carbon dating places her origin at 1400 AD. Brought to Santa Fe from Spain in 1625 by Fr. Alfonso Benavides.
Episcopal Coronation in 1954 declared her the oldest Marian image in the U.S.

El Corazón Inmaculado de Santa MaríaEl Corazon Immaculado de Santa Maria

Immaculate Heart of Mary

El Corazón Sagrado del Señor JesucristoEl Corazon Sagrado del Señor Jesucristo

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Santa Cristina Santa Cristina (Cristina the Astonishing)

Patroness of Psychiatrists.

Feast day: July 24

San CristóbalCristobal

Patron of Travelers, Truck Drivers, Police Officers, Skiers.

Feast day: July 25

Christ and the Woman at the WellChrist and the woman at the well
John, Ch. 4 vs 5-30.