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Clare’s retablos are original paintings, generally watercolor on pine, and range in size from 8×10 to 13×23.  Reproductions can be purchased on tin (approx. 4″x7″) or  on pine (approx. 7″x14″).

El NacimientoEl Nacímíento

Feast day: Christmas

Santo Niño de AtochaSanto Niño de Atocha

Patron of Children, the Sick, Prisoners, Travelers, Victims of Crippling Diseases.

Feast day: Christmas

San Nicolás, ObispoSan Nicolas Obispo

Patron of Bakers, Brewers, Brides, Children, Dockworkers, Fishermen, Pawn Brokers, Prisoners, Russia, Sailors, Travelers.

Feast day: December 6

San Pablo ApostólSan Pablo
St. Paul, Apostle and Evangelist

Patron of Greece, Malta, Rope Makers, Tent Makers and Upholsterers.

Feast day: June 29

San Padre PioSan Padre Pio

Patron of Making a Good Confession.

Feast day: September 23

San PascualSan Pascual

Patron of Sheep, Shepherds, Cooks, and Kitchens.

Feast day: May 17

San PatricioSan Patricio

Patron Saint of Ireland; Invoked against Snakes.

Feast day: March 17

San PedroSan Pedro

Patron of Fishermen, Net Makers, Clock Makers; Invoked against Fever, Foot Trouble and Wolves.

Feast day: June 29

San Peregrino LaziosiSan Peregrino Laziosi

Patron of Persons with Cancer, Foot Ailments, Incurable Diseases; Invoked against Cancer.

Feast day: May 1

La PietaLa Pietá

13th Station of the Cross:
Jesus is laid in the arms of his sorrowing mother.

San Rafael, Arcángel

Patron of Druggists, Health Inspectors, Lovers, Travelers and Young People Leaving Home; Invoked against Blindness.

Feast day: October 24

San Ramon Nonato

San Ramón Nonato

Patron of Pregnant Women, the Unborn; Invoked against Curses and Slander.

Feast day: August 31

Santo Niño de Atocha

Santo Niño de Atocha

Patron of Children, the Sick, Prisoners, Travelers, Victims of Crippling Diseases.

Feast day: Christmas

Santa Rita de Casia

Santa Rita de Casia

Patroness of Desperate Cases, Abused Women; Invoked against Spousal Infidelity.

Feast day: May 22

Santa Rosa de Lima

Santa Rosa de Lima

First Saint of the Americas.
Patroness of Peru, Florists and Gardeners.

Feast day: August 23


San Simón el Cirineo

Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry his cross.

Feast day: December 1

El Santuario in Chimayo, New Mexico

Holy week at El Santuario de Chimayó in New Mexico

Santa Teresa de Avila

Santa Teresa de Ávila

First Woman Doctor of the Church;
Invoked against Headaches and Heart Disease.

Feast day: October 15

Santa Teresa Benedicta de la Cruz

Santa Teresa Benedicta de la Cruz

Patroness of University Professors; Philosopher, Spiritual Writer, Convert from Judaism.

Feast day: August 9

Santa Teresa del Niño Jesús

Santa Teresa del Niño Jesús
(The Little Flower)

Patroness of Florists, Pilots, Foreign Missions, France.

Feast day: October 1

Santiago Apostal

Santiago Apostól
St. James the Apostal

Patron of Veterinarians, Horsemen, Laborers; Invoked against Arthritis and Rheumatism.

Feast day: July 25

San Tomas Apostal

San Tomás Apostól

Patron of Architects, Builders, Construction Workers, Carpenters, Geometricians, Masons and Surveyors.

Feast day: July 3

Arcangel Uriel

San Uriél Arcángel
Archangel of Light

Invoked for Wisdom, Confidence, Love, Good Decisions, Service to Others.

Feast day: July 11

San Valentín

San Valentín

Patron of Lovers, Engaged Couples, Beekeepers; Invoked against Blindness, Epilepsy.

Feast day: February 14

Santa Veronica

Santa Verónica

Patroness of Laundries and Laundresses

Feast day: July 12


San Vicente

Patroness of Charities, Grape Growers and Vintners.

Feast day: April 5


San Xavier
(St. Francis Xavier)

Patron of Roman Catholic Missions; One of 8 Original Jesuits; Considered the Greatest Missionary since St. Paul.

Feast day: December 3