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Clare’s retablos are original paintings, generally watercolor on pine, and range in size from 8×10 to 13×23.  Reproductions can be purchased on tin (approx. 4″x7″) or  on pine (approx. 7″x14″)

San Ignacio de LoyolaSan Ignacio de Loyola

Founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits).
Patron of al Spiritual Exercises.

Feast day: July 31

Santa IsabelSta Isabel
(Saint Elizabeth)

Mother of John the Baptist.
Patroness of Pregnant Women.

Feast day: November 5

San Isidro, LabradorSan Isidro, Labrador

Patron of Gardeners, Farmers, Laborers, Shepherds and Land Deals.

Feast day: March 17

 Padre Jesus Nazareno de las Esquipulas

Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno de las Esquípulas

Feast day: Good Friday

Jesús NazarenoJesús Nazareno

Salvador del Mundo

Feast day: Good Friday in Holy Week

San José de ArimatheaSan José de Arímathaea

Patron of Undertakers, Cemetery Keepers, Pallbearers, Tin Miners.

Feast day: March 17

San José, PatriarcaSan José, Patriarca

Patron of Farmers, Families, Laborers, House Hunters, Happy Death.

Feast day: March 19

San Juan ApostólSan Juan Apostal

Also known as John the Evangelist, John the Divine, John the Beloved Apostle.

Patron of Turkey and of Writers; Invoked against Poison.

Feast Day: December 27

San Juan Diego con su Aparicion Guadalupana

San Juan Diego con su Aparición Guadalupana

Feast day: July 31

San JudasJudas
(St. Jude)

Patron of desperate causes.

Feast day: October 28

Santa Kateri TekakwithaBlessed Kateri Tekawitha

“Lily of the Mohawk”
Patron of Ecologists, Ecology, Environment, Environmentalists, Orphans, People in Exile, People Ridiculed for their Piety, Native Americans.

Feast day: July 14

San LorenzoSan Lorenzo

Patron of Cooks, Librarians, the Poor; Invoked against Fire and Lumbago.

Feast day: August 10

Nuestra Señora de LoretoNuestra Señora de Loreto

Our Lady of Loretto

Patroness of the Sisters of Loretto and Loretto Heights College.

Feast day: December 10

San Lucas, EvangelistaSan Lucas, Evangelista

Patron of Doctors, Painters, Sculptors, Butchers, Goldsmiths, Lace Makers, Glass Workers, Notaries.

Feast day: October 18

Santa LucíaSanta Lucia

Invoked against eye disease, hemorrhage, and throat disease.

Feast day: December 13

Santa MargaritaSanta Margarita

Patroness of Childbirth, Nurses, Peasants, Scotland,
Undertakers, Cemetery Keepers, Pallbearers, Tin Miners.

Feast day: July 20

Nuestra Señora Santa María de la LuzMaria

Our Lady Queen of the Light

Feast day: March 6

Ave Maris StellaAve Maris Stella

Santa María, La Estrella del Mar
Mother of Christ, Star of the Sea

Santa MartaSta Marta

Patroness of Hospitality: Inns and innkeepers, Restaurants, Cooks, Waitresses and Housewives.

Feast day: July 29

San Miguel, ArcángelSan Miguel, Arcángel

Patron of Policemen, Bankers, Grocers, Radiologists, Paratroopers, the Dying and Cemeteries.

Feast day: September 29

Santa MónicaSta. Monica

Mother of St. Augustine of Hippo
Patroness of Mothers and Married Women

Feast day: August 27

Muerte FelizMuerte Felice

The Happy Death