RBG – The Notorious – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

To benefit the Cancer Foundation for NM

Ruth Bader Ginsberg and I were both born in March of 1933, (obviously a very good year). We were both born with the gift of copious energy; unfortunately she did not share my gift of lifelong good health. She met her many challenges courageously as long as she possibly could in order to fulfill what she saw as her destiny to make the world a better place for all of us, particularly those of us women and minorities.

She and I lived most of our lives in a time when opportunities for women in significant political or business positions were few and far between. The lace glove she wears on her “professional” hand is reminiscent of our era. It is a great tribute to her that young women all over the world now look to her for inspiration as they pursue their own dreams in life, many of which were made possible by the work she has done.

Not only was she also dedicated to pursuing a rigorous physical exercise regimen, she often did the heavy lifting in many of the Court’s legal arguments over equal rights and gender equality.

Although small in stature, she stood tall in her decisions on a foundation of education, research, compassion, wisdom, ethics, good judgment, a respect for propriety and above all, persistence.

Of course I needed to include the Notorious RBG’s “collar of dissent” so named since she was known to wear this collar while voicing her frequent dissents.

The neckpiece she is wearing here was made in the style our beloved New Mexico. It seemed appropriate for her image to memorialize a genre of folk art particular to the region around Santa Fe, where she delighted in visiting annually.

The red border is in memory of the miles of red drapery in the Supreme Court chamber, which I had admired several years ago when I was part of a family contingent watching my daughter, Virginia Villa, argue the case that elicited a verbal response from the normally taciturn Justice Clarence Thomas. It was an awe-inspiring privilege to see the famous RBG and her cohort in their own milieu.

In honor of the Honorable Justice’s valiant struggle against cancer, half of the proceeds of this retablo will benefit the Cancer Foundation for New Mexico, a local organization that helps to save lives by providing the needed support to enable every northern New Mexican with cancer to access treatment in Santa Fe.

Please note:
For large orders, please allow extra time to fill. Each retablo is made by hand by the artist.
The dimensions are 7″x13 1/4″x3/4″.